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Sarah Hartshorne is best known as the plus-size contestant on Cycle 9 of America’s Next Top Model and was voted Least Annoying Contestant of her cycle by the now defunct annoying or not.com. After the show, she modeled all over the world for clients like Glamour, Vogue, Skechers and more.

Since “retiring” from modeling she’s performed standup all over NYC and at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and was part of the Vagical Mystery Tour with Lady Parts Justice Leagu, where she is currently a writer. You can see her on Netflix’s ‘Explained’ and HBO’s ‘Vice’ on consent. She’s also an accomplished producer and was recently retweeted by JK Rowling, so she can die now, right?





upcoming shows


Sunday, October 6th, She Makes Me Laugh Comedy Festival, 4:00pm, $11.

Sunday, October 6th, Club Cumming, 6pm, free.

Tuesday, October 15th, Feminist Buzzkills of Comedy, Union Hall, 8pm, $10.

Tuesday, October 15th, Ug! Comedy, Drexler’s, 9pm, free.

Wednesday, October 16th, That Time of the Month, Starr Bar, 7pm, free.

Wednesday, October 16th, Bitch Seat, QED, 9:30pm $5.

Thursday, October 17th, Nevertheless She Existed, Caveat, 7pm, $10.




Jodi Collins, avail upon request.


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Joe Thompson, Abrams Artists


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